Ferre Etiquetes gets FSC® certification


The roots of Ferre Etiquetes are born on the banks of the Vinalopó River and at the foot of the Mariola Natural Park. Similarly, the life of many of our labels begins in the trees. That is why we feel closely linked with nature and its course. For this reason, and with the intention of promoting its care and conservation, for years we have proposed to buy only material that guarantees that its origin is legitimate and sustainable. In addition, since 2019 we have the Chain of Custody certification by FSC®.

What is it?

FSC® stands for Forest Stewardship Council® and it is an organization that emerged in 1990 due to the need to control the management of the forests used to obtain wood. It currently works worldwide and its main objectives are to promote the environmentally responsible, economically viable and socially beneficial use of forests.

What benefit does it bring?

Chain of custody certification guarantees that our material comes from forests that have been managed in an environmentally appropriate way. To do this, it allows to obtain the traceability of the raw material, in our case of the paper reels, from the first source of obtaining, passing through the different stages of production, transformation and distribution, to the point of sale.

By incorporating the FSC® seal on our labels, we help consumers to identify, and thus be able to choose, those products that come from sustainable sources. But most importantly, with the use of these certified materials we are promoting and putting into practice the commitment to the environment, one of the main values of our company.