Unique labels for diversified markets

Our work is present in many segments.

We take care that the personality of your product remains unalterable, from the label design to the end consumer.


We have a wide variety of labels for cleaning products and drugstores, both in domestic and industrial formats, as well as for print quality. Therefore, we advise you when it comes to choosing the appropriate label for your cleaning products. Many options!


Good labeling on food products is key, both to differentiate yourself in the point of sale from the competition, and to add value to the customer in their purchase decision. Learn about all the possibilities we offer in the food sector!


At Ferre Etiquetes we have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of labels for hygiene and personal care products. We use the latest technologies to highlight your brand at the point of sale!


The design and labeling of cosmetic, perfumery and beauty products has a lot of power in the purchase decision. At Ferre Etiquetes we manufacture from the simplest solutions to labels with innovative premium finishes. Get to know them!


The labeling of parapharmacy and nutrition products has evolved a lot in the recent years. Save costs and highlight your products on the shelves of pharmacies and specialized stores with peel-off or delam-relam labels. Do you want to know more?


Differentiation in the beverage labeling is key to identify your brand, offering added value to your product and attracting attention on the shelves. Achieve it with our wide variety of labeling option for all types of beverages!


How to attract attention in a supermarket shelf as competitive and confusing as that of wine? Before opening a bottle of wine, your client has to be captivated by a suggestive packaging, an attractive wine and a label with personality. Can we help you differentiate your brand?


Our wide variety of finishes and printing systems allows us to manufacture both large runs of labels for industrial beers and short runs to differentiate unique craft beers. Ask us!


From standard labels through greaseproof to premium labels, both in decanter and labeling for A.O.V.E. glass bottles, we have the best solution for you. We advise you with the material and finishing of your oil labels. Here!

Plastics and chemicals

Chemical and industrial product labels are a marketing tool, but also an information system for customers. Therefore, it is essential to choose the ideal label for each type of chemical container. At Ferre Etiquetes we help you!


We are constantly growing in order to offer labeling solutions in new market segments. Contact us and tell us your idea! We will advise you to choose the ideal label for your packaging.

  • 600 million labels printed the last year, 3.500 m2 of facilities, 37 employees, 7 production lines with a capacity for 7 additional ones, more of 400 satisfied customers and a wide range of sustainable products.
  • Customer “non-conformity” rate lower than0,01%, commitment to meet delivery dates, quick response to out-of-stock of our client and urgent needs.
  • 100% of FSC® certified raw material, 100% traceability of wood origin, option of materials 100% recycled, compostable or biodegradable, with soluble adhesives, plant-based paper 100%.


The finishing is a guarantee of success. Give your products personality and distinction. Know all the types of finishes to enhance your labels!


Sustainability and caring of the environment are in the DNA of Ferre Etiquetes. Discover all the possibilities we offer to achieve sustainable labeling!

Printing systems

Enter and learn about the printing systems we use to manufacture all kinds of labels: offset, flexo, screen printing and letterpress. Which one to choose?


Discover the news from Ferre Etiquetes and the labeling sector as well as tips to help you with product labeling. Come in!