The Management of FERRE & FERRE ETIQUETES, S.L. company dedicated to the «Design and Manufacture of adhesive labels »and« the purchase of FSC Mixed paper for the manufacture of adhesive labels by the transfer system” through this document aims to establish the main guidelines of the company in order to:


– Meet the requirements requested by customers, as well as the applicable regulations and/or legal requirements, and others to which we have subscribed.

– Offer the customer a highly specialized service adapted to the technological progress of our products.

– That our stakeholders perceive and appreciate our continuous improvement.

– Achieve a high degree of loyalty from our stakeholders.

– Develop activities within a totally respectful impact on the environment, under the principle of pollution prevention.

– Maintain the Integrated Management System in search of continuous improvement as the backbone of our activities.


For this and always having as reference the Management System is established the following guidelines:


– Assume the commitment to maintain a Quality and Environmental policy as a reference framework in the establishment of quality and environmental objectives.

– Assume the commitment to comply with the Quality and Environment Policy and lead the development, implementation and improvement of the Management System.

– Continuous contact with the interested parties, to know their needs and be able to adapt to them.

– The organization uses the process risk assessment methodology to prevent possible deviations or non-conformities of the management system.

– Assume the commitment to review this policy to adapt it to the new requirements and make it available to any company or institution or interested party that requests it.

– Assume the commitment to allocate the necessary technical and human resources to maintain continuous contact with our clients and the market, to know their needs and to be able to adapt to them.

– Assume the commitment to develop high-end products and services (high quality/minimum impact).

– Assume the commitment to establish the necessary measures to achieve the satisfaction of our staff and maintain a good working environment.

– We are committed to encouraging the participation and training of the team.

– Assume the commitment to manage vital resources in a demanding and efficient manner: Water; Energy; assigning the necessary and viable means.

– Assume the commitment to develop our activities minimizing the generation of waste, discharges and emissions.

– Maintain strict control of the most significant environmental aspects, to minimize any type of impact.

– Commitment to comply with the values ​​of FSC as defined in the policy for the association of FSC organizations (FSC POL 01.004 initially approved in 2009).

– Avoid the use of wood from illegal exploitation and the illegal marketing of wood or forest products.

– Avoid the use of wood from exploitations where there is a violation of human and traditional rights in forestry operations.

– Avoid the use of wood from farms where there is destruction of high conservation values ​​in forestry operations.

– Avoid the use of wood from farms where there is a significant conversion of forests to plantations or lands with non-forest uses.

– Avoid the use of wood from farms where the use of genetically modified organisms in forestry operations is encouraged.

– Avoid the use of wood from farms where there is a violation of any of the fundamental ILO conventions, as defined in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, 1998.


The Management of FERRE & FERRE ETIQUETES S.L. sign this policy and assume the commitment to maintain and extend the content of this policy to the general public.