Success story: Labels with soluble adhesive


An article has recently been published on the UPM Raflatac website in which it echoes the collaboration between Ferre Etiquetes, SPB and UPM itself to obtain a labeling solution that allows the recyclability of packaging and promotes economy circular.

During the past year 2019, SPB, a national leader in the manufacture of home cleaning and care products, raised the need to make a change in the manufacture of many of its references to allow the recyclability of its packaging through a labeled with soluble adhesive.

To meet this challenge, we rely on UPM Raflatac and their continued innovation in sustainable materials.

This soluble adhesive is designed for PET containers destined for the industrial PET recycling process, allowing the recovery of clean PET flakes. The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) has recognized that label products made with RW85C wash adhesive meet or exceed the requirements of the Critical Guidance Document for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Labels for PET Bottles. The recommended conditions of the washing process: temperature above 70 ° C and hot alkaline solution with a concentration of NaOH at 1-2.5%.

At Ferre Etiquetes we are in constant collaboration with our clients to be able to offer sustainable solutions for labeling. You can consult more information in our Sustainability section or find news similar to this one related to sustainability and the circular economy on our blog.