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We work with different state-of-the-art printing systems.

You can choose from a wide range of finishes to give a touch of distinction and add value to your product.

All this with the highest standards in quality and color management.


The finishing is a guarantee of success. Give your products personality and distinction. Know all the finishing types to enhance your labels!


Sustainability and caring for the environment are in the DNA of Ferre Etiquetes. Discover all the possibilities we offer to achieve sustainable labeling!


The design, management and printing of adhesive labels is a personalized process for each client.

There are no two identical products, nor two labels are the same. Therefore, it is logical that certain doubts arise.

Below we give answers to the most common ones, but if you do not find the one that solves your question, do not hesitate, write us.

We are delighted to assist you.

We have transformed, digitized and improved our processes to achieve, once the project for a new label is approved, deliver the order in 5 days (in direct shipments). If it is a repetition order (of a label already manufactured previously), we deliver in an even shorter time, and if it is an emergency... we respond immediately, having the required delivery capacity.

When we carry out a new project, we choose to send the client samples of materials, so that they can test with their format, both the material and the adhesive that best suit their packaging and their labeling line. We advise you on the best choice without distorting your product. With these keys and our experience in various sectors we ensure success in labeling.

At Ferre Etiquetes we have a strong commitment to the circular economy. We work with a wide range of sustainable materials, with a different percentage of recycled at source and final recyclability, combined with soluble adhesives and water-based inks, to achieve in all possible cases a label with 100% recycled at source and 100% of final recyclability.